The Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria has expressed its support to aid the Federal Government and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to eliminate fuel theft and other illegal activities in the downstream petroleum industry.
The Chairman, MOMAN, Mr Adetunji Oyebanji, stated that the association recently attended a working session under the direction of the Group Managing Director of the NNPC designed to curb and indeed eliminate fuel theft.
Speaking at a press briefing in Lagos on Friday, he said, “MOMAN wishes to reiterate that its membership in no way condones fuel theft, fuel adulteration or illegal refining of petroleum products by unlicensed entities.
“MOMAN membership, working with its business partners, will do all in its power to support the Federal Government and the NNPC to eliminate these malpractices.”
Oyebanji said this would include working with transporters and dealers to strengthen processes and ensure that no illegal or adulterated products find its way into their system.
He said, “MOMAN is fully supportive of the Federal Government’s drive for the full exploitation of the country’s gas reserves including deepening the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Compressed Natural Gas.
“To develop the CNG as a cleaner and more affordable alternative to Premium Motor Spirit is a key objective of this policy.”
Oyebanji, who is the Managing Director, 11Plc, said the move towards CNG would reduce the over-reliance by the Nigerian populace on petrol.
“Towards this purpose, MOMAN is prepared to invest in the safe installation of LPG (and, when the time is right, CNG) facilities in its stations across the country,” he said.
He added that this would eliminate the unsafe practice of dispensing LPG through unlicensed roadside vendors.
He said, “With respect to CNG, MOMAN encourages immediate engagements with the private sector to identify policy measures that will make deployment of CNG at retail outlets a reality for the country in the shortest possible time.
“MOMAN will collaborate with government and other stakeholders in implementing any such initiative.”
Oyebanji stressed the need for the restructuring or reform of the downstream oil industry.
According to him, the elimination of oil theft and leakages in the system, the optimisation of the supply chain, the introduction of alternative energies and the regular and consistent maintenance of the distribution infrastructure are necessary aspects of the downstream reform.
He said the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill would provide an opportunity for the country to resolve all these once and for all.

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