The Management of 11 Plc (formerly Mobil Oil Nigeria) has commenced sensitization exercises to educate Nigerians on how to stay healthy and safe from contracting the dreaded virus.
In one of its ‘Help Stop Coronavirus (COVID-19), 5-Easy Steps’ Sensitisation Posters, the giant oil company implores Nigerian to wash their hands most frequently with soap and water at least for 20 seconds at a time.
And should in case water and soap were not readily available, 11 Plc advises Nigerians to use alcohol based sanitisers that contains at least 60 percent alcohol content to rub their hands at all times.
It also implored Nigerians to avoid touching their faces with unwashed hands; and cough into their elbows when very necessary in order to contain the spread of the virus as well as maintaining social distance (1 meter) at all times in order not to contract the virus.
From the number 1, Mobil Road, Apapa, Lagos headquarters of 11 Plc, the Board of Directors and Management entreat Nigerians to ‘Spread the Information (about how the dreaded virus can be defeated and) not the Panic!’

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