Mevron has announced a partnership with TVS, an affordable motorcycle and tricycle manufacturing company to give prospective and current Mevron bikers and trikers in sub-Saharan Africa, including Nigeria, access to the two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles.

Representatives of the two giant organisations Mr. Olawale Lasisi, Founder and CEO of Mevron
and Varinder Jha, the Regional Business Head of TVS jointly announced the partnership at a colourful ceremony in Ilorin recently.

The partnership according to the duo would reduce the barriers to owning a motorcycle and tricycle in Africa and empower bikers and trikers to become their own boss within a short time.

The multiple ownership methods are also designed to suit bikers and trikers with diverse budgets and goals, allowing Mevron trikers and bikers who were previously unable to afford or finance their own vehicle to become their own boss.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Varinder Jha, the Regional Business Head of TVS said that
with TVS, anyone that passes the application process can get a brand new two or three wheel vehicle and begin to ride on Mevron within five days.

Mr. Varinder Jha also said that “The launch of TVS and our sub-Saharan Africa wide partnership with Mevron will empower Mevron bikers and trikers across the continent by providing them with a clear and affordable path to high-quality vehicle ownership”.

Regarding continuous support for Mevron and all other customers, he revealed that, TVS provide
a range of after-sales and support services including easy access to genuine spare parts, vehicle coupling training/ service, and Biker safety training.

Other benefits include basic vehicle maintenance
training, advanced training for technical manpower development/ skill enhancement and basic transport business management training depending on customer requirement.

In a bid to improve vehicle standards and safety across Africa, a number of safety enhancements have been made to all TVS vehicles which include improved geofencing and tracking, as well as mandatory monthly car servicing and inspections at the TVS and Mevron Repair service centre.

Critical support to Bikers and Trikers are also provided to ensure that the agreements on contract employment and ride-to-own options remain feasible, while Mevron offers Bikers and Trikers 24/7 in-app assistance on any issue or query experienced.

Founder and CEO of Mevron, Mr. Olawale Lasisi in his address said that the partnership is imperative for all stakeholders in the transport industry, whether they are on the Mevron platform or not.

He said,”We are passionate about delivering better experiences for Bikers and Trikers and are therefore excited to partner with TVS to develop meaningful, customised solutions for our target audience in sub-Saharan Africa.

“We have been working tirelessly with TVS to ensure the financial costing for bikers and trikers makes economic sense, that they are well aware of their financial commitments and feel empowered in their business and partnership with Mevron.

“We are excited to support bikers and trikers in Africa to grow their businesses and improve their livelihoods within a shorter time frame”.

He explained further that the partnership reaffirms Mevron’s commitment to Africa as a whole, by providing enhanced earning potential and better mobility for all,stressing that ,”Our mission has always been to build an Africa-owned mobility service we can all be proud of”.

He also said that Mevron plans include contract employment, which provides long-term access to vehicles, and ride-to-own options that span across 24 to 48 months.

In his remark,the Ilorin City Manager for Mevron, Taye Maxwell, said the current product, MevronBike and MevronTrike are an extension of the firm’s service to provide mobility solutions through trusted motorcycles and tricycles in the city with safety, reliability, and convenience just a tap away.

“MevronTrike and MevronBike were launched as a low-cost alternative option, MevronBike’s minimum fare starts at NGN100 offering riders a whopping 90 percent lower-cost alternative. The service is initially being launched in Ilorin, where Mevron began operations in November 2021, with MevronEconomy, MevronStandard and MevronBusiness.

He said residents of Ilorin can now travel around the city by requesting the motorcycles and tricycles available on the Mevron app, adding that it is less costly to use.

He added that Mevron Bike and Trike carries the same door-to-door safety features as any other Mevron option such as in-app emergency button, Insurance Protection, 24/7 support, including bikers and trikers background checks and screenings.

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