EQS will be the first Mercedes built on dedicated electric-car underpinnings

Mercedes-Benz is about to unveil a new flagship model it expects to boast market-leading battery range, following through on its pledge to compete in the luxury electric-vehicle segment with top technology.

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The April 15 debut of the EQS — the first Mercedes built on dedicated electric-car underpinnings — will mark a milestone for the German brand that has been criticized for taking too long to embrace EVs.

Next year, Mercedes will be making eight fully electric cars on three continents, Chief Operating Officer Markus Schaefer said in a phone interview.

“We boosted flexibility of all factories worldwide so that we can produce hybrids, fully electric cars and combustion vehicles everywhere, depending on customer demand and individual market developments,” Schaefer said. “It took a while for us to prepare all this, but now it’s time to deliver.”

The more than 700 km (435 miles) of range Mercedes expects the EQS to achieve in lab testing is another indication Germany’s automakers will have something to say about Tesla’s early domination of the EV space.