The new Mercedes-Benz Comil Campione Invictus 1200 bus has been introduced into the Nigerian market.
The Campione Invictus 1200 bus, designed for long-distance road lines, comes with an advanced concept in its body design and architecture while highlighting a modern look with curves and more fluid lines following current trends in the automotive industry.
The Comil Campione Invictus 1200’s introduction into Nigeria’s automotive market is a collaborative effort between the authorised general distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Nigeria, Weststar Associates Limited and the authorised representative of Comil buses in Nigeria, Utobras Nigeria Limited.
According to the firms, following the tradition and reputation of the Brazilian bus operators which span over 70 years, Comil has made products that come with the highest quality materials, which also follow the latest design trends in the bus industry.
Managing Director, Weststar Associates Limited, Mr Mirko Plath, while commending the collaboration with Utobras Nigeria Limited to introduce the bus to the Nigerian market, says Weststar remains committed to providing the best products in a bid to aid the transport system in Nigeria.
He says bus operators will see a lot of benefit in the Mercedes-Benz Comil combination, as the ever-reliable O 500 Chassis runs in the modern bus design of the Campione Invictus 1200.
Plath explains that the Mercedes-Benz Comil Campione Invictus 1200 bus with the Mercedes-Benz O 500 RSD chassis was made with high-quality materials, a reliable power train and designs from the latest trends in the bus industry.

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