The Merchant Seafarers Association of Nigeria (MESAN), has charged the Nigerian Merchant Navy Officers and Water Transporters Senior Staff Association (NMNOWTSSA), to come clean and be cautious with its utterances.

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Speaking through the Secretary General,
Capt Alfred Oniye, MESAN
said “The NMNOWTSSA asserts that its membership exceeds 10,000. However, this claim lacks proper substantiation. As responsible citizens and stakeholders in the industry, we have the right to seek transparency and accurate information regarding the association’s membership.

“Transparency and accountability are fundamental principles in any organization, especially one representing workers’ interests. Failing to provide verifiable evidence of membership numbers could raise legal concerns, including potential misrepresentation or misleading statements”.

MESAN added that “NMNOWTSSA should adhere to relevant national labour laws and international conventions that emphasize transparency and fair representation of members.

“Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights protects freedom of expression, but it also imposes responsibilities. Name-calling can infringe on the rights of individuals to be treated with dignity and respect.

“The NMNOWTSSA must demonstrate its claimed membership strength. Providing accurate records, verified by an independent audit or other reliable means, is essential”.