Maritime industry players have floated a new transport association aimed at tackling some of the menace and bottlenecks faced along the port corridors in Lagos.

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The group called “Logistics Practitioners Association of Nigeria (LPAN) has as chairman, Steering Committee, Comrade Godwin Ikeji.

Ikeji, over the weekend, noted that founding members of the group harped on the shortcomings of the various associations and unions that exist in the industry to float the new association.

According to him, the loopholes and failures of the haulage sub-sector of the maritime industry needs to be tackled in ensuring free flow of vehicular and cargoes movement from the seaports in Lagos to the various hinterlands.

Ikeji, a Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) stalwart,  reiterated that trustees of the new body resolved to identify some of the challenges in trucking operations, hence the need to form a formidable team.

“We are coming up with a mission of integrity, we as a group is coming up with strategies that will enable transport operations thick and to carry out activities of best practices.

“We have associations and we have unions in this industry but the situation we are faced with now does not require both but integrity and experience.

“LPAN has to do with a corporate kind of group with a view to look at cargo movement of the industry through best practices”.

“Experience, knowledgeable with practical oriented base is the bedrock of establishing the body called LPAN,”Ikeji explained.

He lamented that the gridlock has destroyed the noble city of Apapa, but added that LPAN has what it takes to tackle the menace of traffic within the port corridors.

Ikeji stated that LPAN does not rely on numerical strength but knowledgeability of individuals and vast experience in transportation.