The Maritime Organization for West and Central Africa, MOWCA, has sent out letters to member countries of the Regional Maritime Development Bank, RMDB, calling to fill the various positions in the proposed Bank.

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Speaking to Vanguard Maritime Report on the sideline of the just concluded meeting between officials of the Ministry of Transportation, MOT, and Council For the Regulation of Refight Forwarders in Nigeria, CRFFN, Director of Legal Services, MOT, Mr. Pius Oteh, explained that there are two Vice Presidents, one from Cote’D’Voire and another from Cameroon, adding that once this process of constituting the top management was complete, then the process to recruit people for lesser positions will commence.

The top Ministry official also disclosed that the Minister of Transportation Mr Rotimi Amaechi, is currently considering the circular and consultation with stakeholders on who to nominate to fill these positions that have been ceded to Nigeria by MOWCA.

He stated: ‘‘Under the Charter of the Regional Maritime Development Bank, Nigeria has three slots of the top management of the Bank, that include the President of the Bank  who is regarded as the Managing Director of the Bank, the Director and the legal Adviser.

“MOWCA has sent a circular to member countries to make nominations to fill those positions. There are two Vice Presidents, one from Cote D’Voire and the other one from Cameroon, so once that management team is constituted, then they will start the process to recruit lesser positions.”

On if the Minister has responded to the circular, Oteh said that the Minister is currently considering that communication and he will make his nominations known soon.

Recall that at a meeting of the proposed Bank, both the President and Headquarters of the Bank was ceded to Nigeria and the Minister of Transport is also currently in talks with the Central Bank of Nigeria regarding an office space or building for the RMDB.- Vanguard Reports