By Cliffsimeon Akalonu

Infinity Tyres

The Managing Director, Gambus Energy Ltd, Mr. Ayoola Olaitan, has called on logistic company owners to use trackers and fuel monitoring devices to sustain their businesses and monitor drivers behaviour and goods on transit.

Speaking with Cliffsimeon Akalonu in an interview in his Lagos office recently, Mr. Olaitan said that the greatest benefit attached with telematics is that it allows you to have your eyes on your goods and properties, give long span to your trucks and allow you to have a schedule of a truck when it is due for maintenance as well as monitor drivers behaviour.

He said the speed limiting device that the FRSC introduced was not just to reduce over-speeding but to save the life of the driver and passengers.

Stating that if you don’t have trackers and fuel monitoring devices in your trucks, you are a joker, and that is the problem most logistics companies have today.

He frowned that Nigeria is not an underdeveloped country, but she is slow in development.

“Very soon, we will be moving from this level to the next level of technology, where we will now be using electric cars, so it will no longer be monitoring of engines but batteries,” Olaitan said.

Gambus boss said that the beauty of telematics is the telephone, as long as there is GPS and GSM on it. Like our padlock, if anything happens where there is no GPS, it will also alert you when there is GPS that your container was opened with the key at so so point and hour; this is special with our Gambus Padlock.

According to him, the business owners in Nigeria should look for a way to cope with this current economic meltdown, stating that the problem in this country is not how to render services but how to maintain services.

The Gambus Energy boss stated that the most expensive recurrent expenditure in the logistics business is fuel.

“As a haulage and logistics man, 40 per cent is your fuel expenses, and even at this point, you are also losing 10 per cent to pilferage, supply or bad fuel. So if you are saving on this, you can divert the money into another thing else.”

“Even as we speak, most people run a truck business without knowing what it cost them from point A to point B, only depending on what the drivers told them. Fuel monitoring is the best because it will help you to know the capacity of the trucks and which route could be best to assign a truck if it is short or long-distance trips.”

Mr Ayoola Olaitan also said that in the next five years, Gambus will be looking at legalizing the asset management of this country, transform it into using drones for our services.

Mr. Olaitan also disclosed that it is the duty of the government to provide a level playing field. “They should stop over tasking us with all manners of payments. They should stabilize the economy, stabilize exchange rates, give us power and good access routes, back us up with good regulations and leave the rest.”

Olaitan also encouraged business owners and individuals to be smart, be safe, make more money with less stress and run your office from your armchair.

“If you are a transport and logistics man or company, put a tracker and fuel monitor in your vehicles to help you monitor drivers behaviour which will also help boost your business.”