The Liberia Government has announced that it plans to reopen its international airport and hotels on June 21, this is as it reports that good progress has been made in containing the spread of coronavirus.

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The President of Liberia, George Weah, revealed that the state of emergency that was declared in April and due to expire on June 21 would not be renewed.

Restrictions such as a night-time curfew would remain in place, though it would start later, according to the statement released on Friday.

There were fears that the West African nation of some 4.8 million people would not have been able to handle a large outbreak.

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The country was badly hit during the 2014-16 Ebola crisis, which killed more than 4,800 people in the country.

However, it has so far recorded only 334 coronavirus cases and 30 deaths from coronavirus.

The footballer-turned-president Weah said the strides made in Liberia along with “developments in other countries” meant there was no need to extend emergency legislation.