In a proactive effort to enhance road safety, security and regulate the transportation sector, the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, (LASTMA) Team led by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, Hon. Sola Giwa has commenced a crackdown on unregistered and unpainted vehicles operating within the State. Over the past 48 hours, this operation has resulted in the apprehension of more than 200 unregistered and unpainted vehicles.

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The Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, Hon. Sola Giwa made this known on Tuesday in Alausa. He highlighted that unregistered vehicles pose a significant risk to road safety and security, as they often bypass necessary inspections and regulations, jeopardizing their roadworthiness while also noting that the enforcement exercise is meant to rectify this issue by ensuring that all vehicles on Lagos State roads comply with the necessary registration and licensing requirements.

Giwa added that the enforcement operation has revealed that certain transport companies around; CMS, Obalende, Ajah, and Ojo Cantonment corridors have been operating their fleet of vehicles without proper documentation, stressing that the State Government is taking this matter seriously and will hold such companies accountable for their actions. Transport companies found to be operating without the appropriate documentation will face legal consequences, he added.

Speaking further, the Special Adviser emphasized the importance of vehicle registration and compliance with transport regulations, stating that the impounded vehicles will not be released until they are duly registered and have met all necessary safety standards.

He however reiterated the State Government’s unwavering commitment to improving road safety and ensuring that all transport operators adhere to the necessary regulations saying the ongoing crackdown is one of the efforts of the State Government to create safer and more efficient transportation systems in Lagos State.