The General Manager of Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA) has reacted to a viral post on social media by a business owner(s) that the Authority and its staff dispatched a demand notice, charging them to pay the sum of N290,000 for parking in their compound.  

Infinity Tyres

According to LASPA, the post is “absolutely untrue, scandalous, unacceptable and inimical to the image of the Authority and the Lagos State Government.”

In its statement, the Authority reveals that the charge was for cars that were parked on the setback, which by law belongs to Lagos State Government.

“We present to the general public pictural evidence that the said property was charged for parking cars on its setback which by law belongs to the Government of Lagos State.

Lagos State Parking Authority Demand Notice
Lagos State Parking Authority Demand Notice

“The general public MUST be aware that LASPA or any of its staffers or agents WILL NOT charge on cars parked in any compound but if anyone parks on the setback, such person, organization or group of persons will be charged accordingly.

A setback (for obvious reasons) is the space between your perimeter fencing and the walkway or the road, as the case may be. Whoever claims he/she owns a setback around his/her property will have to provide official documentation from the Authorized MDA in Lagos State showing the legal ownership of the said setback and the TRAFFIC IMPACT ASSESSMENT (TIA) certificate of the property to the Authority.”

“The general public should please be equipped with this important information going forward. The Authority frowns at such malicious statements and falsehoods.”

“Igbega Ipinle Eko, Ajumose ni”.