By Ignatius Ushie

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The Joint Committee on Land Transport on Thursday applauded the Minister of Transportation,  Rt.Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi on the progress of work done so far at the on-going Lagos-Ibadan rail project noting that the work already done commensurates with the allocation released. The Committee said this after an oversight visit to the Lagos-Ibadan rail project in Lagos.

Sen. Abdulfatai Buhari, Chairman Senate Committee on Land Transport said that he was impressed with the ongoing construction of the rail stations.

“National Assembly will continue to talk about money because it is their duty, this is more like an oversight visit, seeing is believing, we have come, we have seen and we are very very impressed,  if you look at the work level at each station, they have gone far.

“The activities justify the amount being spent so far. On behalf of Nigerians we are looking forward to the day we will commission the project, to ease transport problems for Nigerians.”

Sen. Gyang Dung, from Plateaus North, said that the work was progressing compared to the last time they came on oversight visit.

He, however,  commended the Minister for the high standard of work and his passion for the nation’s infrastructural development.

“We have seen the work on Lagos-Ibadan rail, the work is progressing on the stations, the standard of work is very high compared to the last time the committee came. The work has progressed positively and I appreciate the passion of the Minister and the pressure he is putting on them to complete the work.”

Hon. Tajudeen Abass, the Chairman of House Committee on Land Transport, said the committee has come to see the project themselves, noting that the project is commendable.

“We came for an oversight,  we have seen it for ourselves,  they need a lot of money, we need to appropriate money for them. For  the Minister, I really commend him, he really tried, apart from being the Minister,  he has the passion of this country in mind because by the time the railway line starts  it will reduce and decongest the traffic problem in both Lagos and Southwest zone.” Abass said that the rail project would also create employment for youths.

Hon. Bem Mzondu, a Member of the Committee from House of Representatives, said that the project was Capital intensive and they expected more to be done during this dry season.

“It is a positive one but from the aspect of NASS, we feel more would have being achieved considering the time the project took off. But the sign are positive since it is a Capital intensive Project in as much as the money has been provided by the China loan.

“It takes time to build such a solid infrastructure particularly considering our weather situation especially the raining season, they can only do little but we wish they can do more this season.”