Lagos State Government is to establish a Rapid Intervention Squad to combat traffic gridlock in the State.
The Honourable Commissioner for the Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Ladi Lawanson disclosed this during the press conference organized to brief men of the pen profession on the renewed traffic management strategies of the State Government in the Ministry’s Conference Room.
Lawanson said the Squad, which will be mobile with the aid of motorbikes to speed up their movement to any bottleneck scenes across the State, will be responsible for immediate action to resolve naughty traffic situations employing relevant technology to give accurate situation reports to vehicles owners.
The Transportation Commissioner noted that because of the peculiarity of Lagos traffic with over two million vehicles plying the road with just 4, 000 Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) officials to control them, it is of high priority to the Government to take fresh measures like this to bring about lasting solution to the traffic situation in the State.
While appealing to the motoring public that LASTMA was created and empowered by the law to control and manage vehicular traffic flow in the State the Honourable Commissioner said the Agency will, while performing its responsibility, enforce State and National Laws that govern the Safe use of vehicles on the road, deter and apprehend road traffic offenders, enforce the use of bus stops and bus terminals, maintain a register of traffic violators.
Mr. Ladi Lawanson further added that the Agency shall also safe guard highways from encroachment, roadside trading, street hawking, alms begging and safeguard vehicles and appealed to the general public to join hands with the State government to keep Lagos traffic moving with pride and dignity by obeying all traffic enforcement agencies directives on the road and traffic laws.

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