• Kona Electric named Best Small Family Car in magazine’s first Electric Awards
  • European road trip covers 1,600 kilometres and 9 countries in under 24 hours – busting the myth that you cannot travel far in an electric car

Kona Electric has been recognised as the Best Small Family Car in the inaugural TopGear Electric Awards after it completed a 1,600-kilometre road trip across 9 European countries. Hyundai Motor’s fully electric SUV was not only commended for its efficiency and long-distance capability but also for its smooth and effortless performance.
The 24-hour-long drive took place in December 2019, with BBC TopGear magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Charlie Turner using the European rapid charger network to supply the Kona Electric with 316kWh of electricity, choosing to only charge to 80% capacity in order to maximise driving time.
In total, 9 countries were visited with the trip starting in the Czech Republic and the 1,600-kilometre drive taking in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland.
Charlie Turner said: “Whilst we find ourselves in lockdown, having the freedom to travel through as many countries as you want is the stuff of distant dreams. It’s reassuring, however, to know that as electrification becomes an ever-growing part of our vehicular future, cars like Kona Electric can already deliver and whilst most won’t cover the miles in the way we did, we’ve proved that range anxiety shouldn’t play a part in long-distance travel.”
Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice Marketing and Product at Hyundai Motor Europe, said: “Following its launch in 2018, Kona Electric has continued to prove itself as an affordable zero-emission all-rounder, combining practicality with range and performance. The most recent updates have brought enhanced connectivity and a three-phase on-board charger, making the overall package even more compelling. We are delighted that TopGear has acknowledged the strengths of Kona Electric, adding to the many previous awards for this remarkable car.”
Bang Sun Jeong, Vice President, Head of Middle East & Africa Operation said: “This award is a recognition of Hyundai’s desire to introduce zero-emissions mobility while also meeting to the consumer expectations when it comes to safety, comfort, and performance.

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