Since its debut in Nigeria last year, the all-new Kia K5 premium sedan has received widespread plaudits for being the most luxurious and technologically advanced within the executive car segment in the country. Having been widely praised for delivering sport, safety, and luxury at an exceptional value, the completely reimagined mid-size K5 sedan captures the attention of the Nigeria Auto Journalists Association and toppled others to win the Executive Car of the Year award.

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The award is a testament to K5’s combination of advanced safety technology and its ‘roomy’ and ‘comfortable’ interior – all characteristics of a great executive car. Its exterior design is characterized by Kia’s hallmark ‘tiger nose’ grille and ‘heart beat’ daytime running lights, while its interior layout conveys a futuristic and high-tech appearance, aided by its digital instrument cluster. K5 boasts of a technology-packed premium interior that’s not far off from what you’d find inside a much higher-priced luxury vehicle.

“A lot has changed with Kia over the last decade in terms of design and performance, but the incredible value we offer to our customers will never change,” said Olu Tikolo, Vice President, Kia Nigeria. “The K5 had big shoes to fill, but our global team of designers and engineers were more than up to the task and we’re honored the auto journalists, like every car enthusiast, have recognized the hard work.”

The K5 proves that the sedan still holds an important place in a crossover-dominated market,” said President, Nigeria Auto Journalists Association, Mike Ochonma. “After a critical look at the K5, at the just concluded Abuja International Motor Fair, the journalists thumbed up for the outstanding design and were impressed with its unique style, well-organized interior, premium materials, sporty driving modes, and safety technology.

The Chairman, NAJA Award Committee, Theodore Opara said: “The 2021 Kia K5 is an elegant and sophisticatedly styled sedan, with sharper lines, high-tech details, and elongated exterior proportions. Kia has given the new K5 a confident and mature presence. Inside, its attractive cabin also introduces premium-quality materials, cutting-edge infotainment technologies, and a stunning new design. It’s roomy and comfortable, and it is presently the benchmark executive car in the country.”

Matthews Kuruvilla, General Manager, Sales & Commercial, Kia added: “The K5 is a hugely important model for us – it’s at the very heart of our brand. It’s one of our longest-serving models and it’s great to see the car still getting the recognition it deserves. The all-new K5 takes style, comfort, and technology to a new level, making it the perfect executive package.”