The management of National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) has commiserated with the government and people of Kebbi state over the recent boat mishap involving 17 passengers from Kasabo village in Agwara Local Government of Niger state heading to Yauri market in Kebbi State.

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According to NIWA, “Preliminary investigation from our area office in Yauri, Kebbi state revealed that, the wooden boat capsized as a result of heavy windstorm that accompanied the bad weather caused the incident.

“The sad and avoidable incident occurred on Monday 2nd October, 2023 due to human error where the sailor ignored the weather condition that was turbulent.

“Whereas the sailor was supposed to berth at the nearest bank of the river which is NIWA safety guidelines for such weather condition, he decided to continue the journey thus making the passengers to panic and some of them jumped into the water without wearing life jackets and later the boat capsized.

“NIWA rescue team in Yauri Area Office where the incident happened, were involved in the rescue operation with other agencies. Nine persons were rescued alive and eight dead bodies were retrieved.”

NIWA regretted that
“Despite several efforts in sensitization campaign on safety and training of Boat operators in Yauri in particular and other parts of the country, we still continue to record such boat mishaps due to negligence of the boat operators to NIWA safety guidelines.

“The Authority will continue its training and sensitization campaign to prevent the occurrence of such incident in the future.”