In six months time, Kaduna Power Plant will start delivering about 200MW of electricity to the national grid following the successful conclusion of arrangements for the supply of liquefied natural gas to the facility.
The Federal Government and Greenville LNG, the supplier of gas to the plant, had concluded the deal for the provision of gas to the power station as all equipment to be installed at the facility had been procured and were currently in Nigeria.
The Managing Director, Greenville LNG, Ritu Sahajwalla, also noted that the firm was expanding gas supply to industries following the inauguration of its LNG facility at Dufil Prima Food Plc, Port Harcourt.
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“We will be supplying the LNG to Kaduna Power Plant, which is a Federal Government-owned 215MW plant located in the North and is not connected with gas up till now. While the pipeline to connect gas to the power plant will come, in the meantime, we will deliver the LNG to the facility by trucking it to the plant.
“There has been a concrete arrangement between us and the Federal Government on this initiative. The MoU was signed in 2014, so it has taken us four years plus to conclude and I would say right now, we are 99.9 per cent concluded.”
On when the firm would start delivering gas to the plant, Sahajwalla replied, “The kick-off is depending on the completion of the power plant itself, which is 90 per cent complete. But from our side, like the installations you see, we have everything procured already and they are in Nigeria.
“Once we sign, in about a week or 10-day time, we will start the civil work and this means the country can have 200MW of electricity in less than six months from the North.”

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