Nigeria’s leading, most resilient and reliable engineering construction company, Julius Berger Nigeria Plc has officially launched its new innovative product, the Evonig Glass in Abuja.

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Combined with the launch is the commissioning of the state-of-the-art IGU production line at which event guests and specially invited industry and other corporate players had an opportunity to have a first-hand look at some of the latest industrial production facilities and processes at the Abumet factory at Idu industrial area, Abuja.

Giving his address at the event, the General Manager of Abumet, the top grade metal and glass subsidiary of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, Mr Tamas Hovart defined Evonig Glass as an industrial acronym which proudly synthesises the two words ‘Evolution’ and ‘Nigeria’.

The product, Tamas said, “is not just an improvement of existing offerings in the Nigerian market; it is a combination of the latest technology and a skilled and committed Nigeria team.”

The Evonig Glass, Tamas further explained, “is a special offering defined by great production quality according to best international standard, innovation, availability, local content and a strong Nigerian workforce, reliable technical partnerships and advanced technology as well as sustainability and reliable after-sales service.”

The General Manager of Abumet, Tamas informed guests at the event that current industrial and procurement estimates of supply to the Nigerian IGU market is put at 90% for imported production and 10% for local production.

This situation, he said, exposes the Nigerian users of the product to a long wait for offshore shipments and prohibitive exposure to foreign exchange challenges.

Julius Berger Abumet, Tamas said, “aims to offer comparably faster delivery times for a high quality insulated glass unit solution made in Nigeria with international standards, at a competitive rate.”

The Julius Berger Abumet Evonig glass, offer technical solutions more commonly known as Double glazing, a well-known application in Sub-tropical areas, which consists of two glass panel separated by a vacuum or gas-filled space to reduce heat transfer and noise across a part of the building; and Triple glazing which consists of three-glass panel and two space to achieve greater performance level.

This glazing technology now manufactured in Nigeria by Julius Berger Abumet is highly recommended where the temperature difference between interior and outside spaces is significant so that greater thermal insulation required.

Tamas confidently spoke of the key benefits of using Insulated glass units to include energy savings by which “the insulated glass windows prevent heat loss when it is cold and sustains the cool air when it is hot” This, the Abumet General Manager said, reduces power consumption in a building and saves cost.

The use of Evonig glass with its two glass panes and vacuum space also limits and significantly reduces noise from passing through the building. Tamas happily adds that “it becomes even better when the two panes of glass have various thickness”.

Another key benefit of Evonig glass is that it technically increases the important function of security in a building. With more glass panes, IGU panels become tougher and with a combination of laminated or toughened glass types its get more difficult to break.

Julius Berger Abumet Commercial Mgr Thorsten Reinking; General Mgr Tamas Hovarth; JBN Exec Dir Admin. Alh. Zubairu I. Bayi; Hon. Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment Otunba Niyi Adebayo, CON; JBN Dir. Mrs Belinda Disu; Abumet Alternate Chairman Mahmud Tukur and JBN Exec. Dir. Corporate Development, Tobias Meletschus at the Evonig Glass product launch Production Plant commissioning in Abuja recently

The Honourable Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Otunba Niyi Adebayo, CON was at the event to commission the Julius Berger Abumet Evonig Glass production plant.
The Honourable Minister commended the Julius Berger Group for its initiative to domesticate the novel production of Evonig Glass at the Idu Industrial Area in Abuja Nigeria.

Adebayo who said the President Buhari administration has the vision to create a hundred million jobs in the country in the next decade described the Abumet plant as a worthy job creation initiative.

The Honourable Minister gave kudos to Julius Berger for also pioneering the first and most advance fully automated IGU production line in Nigeria.

The Hon. Minister described the Abumet production plant as revolutionary to Nigeria’s industrial development.

“Keep up your worthy contributions to our strategic national industrial development and growth works”, Otunba Adebayo encouraged Julius Berger.

The alternate Chairman of Abumet, Mr Mahmud Tukur thanked the guests, especially the Honourable Minister, Otunba Adebayo, for finding time to attend the launch of the product and the commissioning of the production plant.

In the excited words of Mahmud Tukur, “Abumet is ready to offer the Nigerian market the greatest deals in terms of best international quality as well as at the most cost-efficient rates. We await the orders of the very discerning Nigerian investors and clientele.”