The Jelani Aliyu Foundation has launched its ‘Rural Health Connect’ initiative: a program aimed at bringing volunteer health care professionals to rural communities in need.          It was launched on December 30th, 2018 at Dogondaji, the birthplace of the founder’s parents, and which is about 45 minutes south-west of Sokoto. This first mission would also reach the nearby towns of Kurya, Nabaguda, Madara and Sabawa. The Jelani Aliyu Foundation plans to extend the initiative to other parts of Sokoto state and into nearby Kebbi, connecting more and more rural residents with quality volunteer health care professionals.
The initiative is characterized by an off-road, go anywhere mobile medical platform which is optimized for traversing rough terrain to get to communities in remote areas. It is configured to be a transportation and operational support platform for the volunteer doctors, registered nurses, and other health professionals.

Jelani Aliyu Foundation Health Care Initiative
Jelani Aliyu Foundation Health Care Initiative at Dogondaji, South-west of Sokoto.

This particular first mission would provide general outreach to a targeted one thousand beneficiaries, with special additional attention to pregnant women: it consists of a team of nine doctors and gynecologists, three dentists, seven nurses, a biomedical, a lab technician, a pharmacist and six medical students. The team would carry out diagnosis and give out free medication, they would also advise on general and specific cases.
This initiative provides an opportunity for committed doctors, nurses and health professionals to help in making a difference to their communities.
The founder, Jelani Aliyu is an internationally recognized Automotive Designer, who designed the Chevrolet Volt Electric Car for General Motors, and is currently back in Nigeria to help support the development of the nation’s automotive sector as the Director General of the National Automotive Design and Development Council.
The Jelani Aliyu Foundation believes that we must all come together and play our individual roles to usher in a bright new Nigeria of incredible accomplishments, a new nation of abundance, peace and prosperity, a new Nigeria where the problems we now face would by then have been relegated to the pages of history.

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