…As JAC T6 Pick pass terrain test
By Frank Kintum
The Managing Director of Elizade Autoland, (distributor of JAC passenger and light truck vehicles in Nigeria), Mr. Demola Ade-Ojo, has given four reasons why the award winning JAC T6 pick up is fast gaining grounds in Nigeria.
Ade-Ojo gave these reasons at a Special gathering of JAC customers, auto journalists and other stakeholders at the Land Mark event centre in Lagos on Friday, December 7, where the T6 pick up was put to test on a sandy terrain.
According to Ade-Ojo, the four reasons why buyers now go for the T6 are Value for money, technology, luxury and price.
The T6 comes with the latest Hilux chassis and body technology, bird-net structure body with light weight, high-tensile steel sheets is above 50%, anti-collision intensity bar inside the door, C-NCAP 4-Star collision test, ABS/EBD applied etc.
T6 also features7 inch touch screen, four speakers, multi-function steering, Bluetooth, leather seats, electric 4×4.4×2. The vehicle’s turbo charged engine also delivers efficient fuel economy. Eco-friendly and highly efficient power powertrain of T6 has also been a major boost for the Pick up.
The impressive JAC logo and extremely chroming grille, muscular and sportive streamline, body colour front bumper as standard, hawk-eye modelling halogen combined lamps and LED turn light are some other impressive attributes of the Pick up.
T6 Pick up comes big as it is same size as the new Toyota Hilux, high bed chassis with greater passing ability and high body size, coming with a minimum ground clearance of 207mm and bigger tyres of 245/65R17.
Ade-Ojo stated that the Elizade brand, with its pedigree in the successful distributorship of Toyota vehicles in Nigeria, has the wherewithal to make the JAC brand a household name.
According to him, Elizade will not venture into the distributorship of JAC if it was not sure of its quality, comfort and durability, as more and more Nigerians are now patronizing the brand.
He recalled that just as the Elizade brand nurtured Toyota in the Nigerian market, Elizade Autoland is steadily spreading the JAC brand, even as he also said his company subjected JAC to thorough road tests on Nigerian roads for about three years.
Other models of the JAC on the Nigerian market are the J4, S2, S3, S5, S7 and Sunray mini bus. The light trucks are X5, L40 and the N=Series. Major patronage of the JAC have come from individuals, companies and fleet buyers.

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