Alhaji Maruf Arowolo, the newly elected National President of the Motor Mechs and Technicians Association of Nigeria (MOMTAN), has said he will prioritise training of  his association members in order to enhance the services they render to  the public.
The newly elected MOMTAN President, Alhaji Maruf Arowolo, made this known during a chat with news men in his Lagos Office, recently.
He said, “as president of the association, my priority is to ensure that members of the association are well trained to be able to repair vehicles that are built with new technologies and par with international practices”.
Alhaji Arowolo said that “most of the new vehicles that are brought into the country, comes with new technologies and we need to make sure that members of the association are abreast with the latest technologies in town”.
He stated that he will organize training workshops for members, where experts will help upgrade their skills and acquire competence to take care of the new vehicles with new technologies.
In the acceptance speech made by Alhaji Maruf Arowolo after his election, he also promised to prioritize members welfarism; where they work and the conditions in which they work; will also ensure that they have good relations with their clients.
The newly elected President noted that mechanics contribute immensely to the growth of the Nigerian economy; “they play a critical role to the smooth running of the economy because they help in keeping movement of goods and services from one area to another”.
While calling on other mechanics to join the association, the MOMTAN President asked the general public to only patronize those that belong to the association and registered with government, as every member of the association has identification number. “This will help eradicate quacks”.
Alhaji Maruf also advised the youths to learn a trade, as “roaming the streets and engaging in fraudulent activities will not take them far. They should learn one profession or the other and get grounded in it. This is the only way to make it in life”.