Mikano Motors has just revealed the identity of the brand new, luxury SUV from its Geely Nigeria lineup by launching a limited-time presale offer to all.

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The latest addition to the Geely Nigeria family is the exotically named AZKARRA aka “The Gamechanger”; an embodiment of Geely’s commitment to technological advancements in the automotive industry most especially for hi-tech convenience and safety features to enhance a pleasurable driving experience.

The Azkarra is available in Nigeria in two trims, the Azkarra Platinum Pro and the Azkarra Titanium. For both trims, the engine, transmission, platform, and suspension are co-developed with VOLVO (it’s no longer news that Geely took full ownership of Volvo Autos in 2010).

In addition, the Platinum Pro features a unique 48V EMS (Electric Motor Synergy) Mild Hybrid technology which ensures incredibly smooth handling of the car, intuitively combining an electrical configuration with the conventional fuel system to power the turbo-charged engine. This also means that this car offers up to 15% improved fuel efficiency.

The intelligent Azkarra makes a mature and elegant statement with bold, distinguished lines on the exterior and a spacious interior that boasts of the finest Italian Nappa leather on the Platinum Pro trim. The leather seats are specially crafted to provide muscular support to the waist, shoulders, and thighs of driver and passengers alike, making for an incredibly comfortable ride.

The luxuriousness of the Azkarra is apparent in the sensory playground that is the cockpit. 42 different colour choices of ambient lighting, the biggest skylight panoramic sunroof in its segment, smartphone wireless charging, and the mirror link feature that allows you to replicate your phone screen onto the large 12.3-inch infotainment panel are a few of the special details that add to the satisfying drive the Azkarra delivers.

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The 360-degree panoramic camera, just like the Geely Coolray, provides a bird’s- eye view of your surroundings- a great plus for better navigation.

As with the other cars in the Geely lineup, the noise and vibration from the Azkarra is virtually non-existent due to the high-quality sound insulation materials that shield the car from external noise, keeping the cabin a sanctuary for peace and isolation even when cruising at high speeds.

For all those who enjoy listening to music while driving, this noise isolation emphasizes the premium sound system for a crisp, distinct audio experience. Highly responsive pedals and tactically placed controls define the fluidity of the Azkarra, while the suspension system from Borg-Warner proffers a great shock absorption effect for the enhanced comfort of the occupants.

The Geely Azkarra builds upon the Coolray’s successful entry onto the Nigerian auto scene, further highlighting Geely’s prowess for developing innovative mobility solutions.

It is a true testament to Geely’s design ethos for building “refined rides for everyone”. To take advantage of the limited-time Azkarra presale offer which includes complimentary car registration, free car spa, 24-hour roadside assistance, and more, or to book a test drive, be sure to secure your luxury experience by visiting www.geely.ng