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L-R: Group Marketing Manager, Mikano International Limited, Mr. Romeo Mousallem; and GM, Mikano Motors, Mr. Ralph Haidar, showing the newly launched Azkarra luxury SUV

On Saturday, the 9th of April, 2022, Mikano Motors proudly unveiled its all- new flagship luxury SUV from its Geely Nigeria lineup, the Geely Azkarra. Following a highly successful pre- sale period, the launch event was mapped out to demonstrate the beauty, luxury and surprising power of the Azkarra SUV.

At the unveiling ceremony at the Geely showroom, Victoria Island, Lagos, the commendable accomplishments of the Mikano- Geely partnership were shared, with an emphasis on the Mikano Motors value chain.

It was revealed by the GM Mikano Motors- Ralph Haidar, that Mikano Motors offers the best value for car purchases currently obtainable in Nigeria; these include the 5year/ 150,000 km warranty, Mobile workshop, VIP Courtesy service, guaranteed resale value and the confidence from Mikano International’s legacy quality, after- sales prowess, assurance for peace of mind and overall, the best value for your auto investment.

After sharing insights for the Value Chain, guests were treated to a detailed analysis of the design process for the Azkarra as shared by Geely’s Head of Design, ShanghaiGuy Burgoyne. Burgoyne described the steps taken from ideation to the production of the distinguished looking Azkarra which he described as being “sophisticated, practical, intuitive and technically precise”.

He went on to mention that the Azkarra was designed with the car owners in mind, identifying that “the consumers’ choice of cars is becoming their choice of lifestyle rather than just a tool for transportation”. He highlighted that the accentuated headlamps, deep set into the body colour inserts, give the Azkarra a matured look which coveys great confidence and the exterior was designed to improve aerodynamic performance. This refined, sleek attribute transitions to the interior with a self-assured fluidity, successfully merging sportiness and refinement.

The cockpit is wrapped in lush Nappa leather, with translucent backlit wood patterns providing adjustable ambient lighting that emotively matches the driver’s and passenger mood. The user interface as found in the Azkarra’s “humanised” interior complements Geely’s innovative 48V EMS mild- hybrid system.

The performance of the Azkarra’s innovative 48V EMS (Electric Motor Synergy) was described in an explainer video. It detailed when in certain driving modes, the system improves the acceleration dynamics of the car, due to additional torque (+50Nm) and also provides up to 15% improved fuel economy. Overall, the EMS of the Luxury Geely Azkarra provides the car with a distinctly smooth ride, more power and a substantially improved fuel economy.

The luxury Geely Azkarra SUV was subsequently unveiled officially by the GM- Mikano Motors, Ralph Haidar who announced a limited- time launch offer. The limited offer announced a starting price from 17.3 Million Naira in addition to the additional perks from the presale offer. This special limited- time launch offer was to celebrate the success of the pre- sale offer, which led to sales of over 100 units of Azkarra within a short period of time.

Guests were then encouraged to physically appraise the Azkarra, which is available in Nigeria in two trims, the Azkarra Platinum Pro and the Azkarra Titanium. The Azkarra has an immediate charismatic appeal from the first glance, with an elegant and sophisticated carriage.

The grille features the signature “expanding cosmos” design, much like the Coolray, but somehow managing to look more mature on the Azkarra. The rear is simple, yet distinct and beautiful in its simplicity. The interior is a stylish cocoon with Nappa leather seats and tactile controls and buttons lending credence to the “humanized space” inference.

The driver can monitor the Azkarra’s performance via the 7” instrument cluster, and the piano- key air conditioning buttons add an extra flair. However, focal point on the interior is the best in class, HD colour 12.3” touchscreen infotainment panel with smart device mirroring capability. This is also where the 360 degree panoramic camera is viewed with 3D option. The skylight panoramic sunroof is also best in class, allowing much more light into the already spacious and highly comfortable cabin.

The highlight of the day had guests conveyed in an Azkarra motorcade, to Mikano International’s Karameh Industrial City for the opportunity to experience the Azkarra “Gamechanger” SUV firsthand- and we were not disappointed! The drive along the highway was indescribably smooth and the isolation in the cabin combined with the premium sound system was first- class.

The real fun began when we took the Azkarra to a neighbouring off- road location and put the off- road capabilities to the test. The All- Wheel Drive feature on the Azkarra is simply outstanding and was tested to the extreme in those off- road situations. The algorithm of the power train and transmission changes automatically, to improve cross- country performance.

The event was well- attended by Mikano Motors esteemed customers, members from the press and a host of auto enthusiasts who all joined Geely Nigeria to welcome the “Gamechanger”, the Luxury Azkarra SUV which really has been designed to confidently redefine the segment for a lifestyle inspired premium SUV.

For your own hands- on Luxury Azkarra experience, visit Geely Nigeria’s flagship showroom at 65 Adeola Odeku Street, VI, Lagos, or the Ikeja showroom at 8b, Metalbox Road, off Acme Road. The Azkarra is also readily available at all Mikano International locations in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano, Abuja and Ibadan, or alternatively visit the website for more information.