Austrian Technologies Nigeria Limited, promoter of Eco-Green bus in Nigeria, has promised to storm the Abuja motor fair with its gas-powered mass transit bus along with its technical team.

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Chief Executive Officer of firm, Mr Johann Rieger, said in a statement that it was part of measures to make Nigerians experience the uniqueness of the eco-friendly vehicle with its specially built exclusive features.

“We are coming to the Abuja motor fair in a big way with our technical crew. It is the first time we’re taking the Eco-green bus out for a public view and ride.

“Visitors have the rare opportunity of seeing the many unique features that are exclusive to the gas-powered eco-green bus.”

Rieger had while announcing the introduction of the eco-friendly vehicles to Nigeria some weeks ago said the buses were built with European standards for critical climate and infrastructure, while being considerate towards price sensitivity of developing nations like Nigeria.

He also said visitors to the eco bus stand at the Abuja motor fair holding between November 15 and 20, 2021 at the International Conference Centre Annex, would be given a number of gift items/souvenirs.

He said the introduction of the eco-green bus to Nigeria could not have come at a better time when the world is worried about the debilitating effects of climate change and seriously considering the elimination of carbon emissions by stopping the production and use of fossil-fuel vehicles.

Only last week, President Muhammadu Buhari had pledged that Nigeria would cut its emissions to net zero by 2060. The President made the promise in a speech he delivered at the COP26 Leaders’ Summit held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Rieger said the eco-green buses had been rated among the safest and most economic mass transit vehicles globally and could reduce carbon footprints by 95 per cent and operating cost by 30 per cent.

He said the buses had been equipped with gas engines of higher emission standards (Euro 5) with no toxic, smog or smoke, guaranteeing reduced noise and lower fuel costs.

He gave some of the unique features as speed limiter, alcohol test and driver’s fatigue detection with driver’s biometric identification, CCTV camera system that can be directly integrated into the city surveillance system; reverse camera; handicapped ramp and wheelchair area.

Rieger listed the technical features of the bus as electronic dashboard with extended eco-telematics system, real time driver’s feedback on safety and economic driving and on-board video education with UNICEF support.