By Cliffsimeon Akalonu
The Federal Road Safety Corps, Ikeja Unit Command and the Special Marshals Unit 118, recently conducted safety sensitisation with free medical check ups in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Dominion cathedral, Ipaja, Lagos.
Making a speech on safety, the Unit Commander, FRSC Ikeja, ACC Emma Fekoya said that, “our generators, vehicles and equipment are serviced but the human being is not because  of “It is not my portion” syndrome.
While we are always busy diagnosing and maintaining our vehicles, it is also good for us to do same to our body by giving utmost attention to our health status.
She stated that “road crashes have resulted in more waste of lives and property than major communicable diseases and sundry ailments put together. Research conducted on RTCs have shown 3 major contributing factors to road crashes as Human Factor, Mechanical Factor and Environmental Factor”.
According to her, Human factor constitutes about 90% of RTCs, while the Mechanical and Environmental factor causes 10% of crashes. Fekoya said that, Human factor can be summed up in her opinion under IGNORANCE and ATTITUDE.
She stated that “to ascertain one’s ignorance and attitude towards his/her health status, one should ask him or herself the following question as to * When was the last time you had a check up? Do you have knowledge on your health status? and What have you done or what do you intend to do about this knowledge?
Fekoya said “everyone driving on the road is supposed to be licensed. Unfortunately, a drivers license does not always ensure Common Sense and Responsibility on the road. Safe driving is crucial because things can happen behind the wheel in a split second. There are more drivers on the road every year and traffic has been extremely congested for varying reasons. You need to stay focused on driving or in the use of the road and ensure your body does not become an impediment.
She advised that “you should AVOID Driving if you are feeling dizzy and ensure you see your doctor if you have problems with your ear. The ability to pick any smell easily like the smell of burning, melting of wires or something is paramount. If one has caught a cold, please ensure you take proper care and AVOID driving if medications causes drowsiness.
“Visibility is very important in the use of the road. Casualties are likely to occur because road users are unaware they have vision problem or never bothered to correct it for obvious reasons which the Special Marshals have decided  to help out/correct. Eyesight can decay without one noticing. Screening is recommended every two years depending on age or straightaway, when a problem arises”.
In an interview with the Unit Coordinator, Special Marshal, unit 118 RCCG Dominion Cathedral, Adeleke Dosalu, said “this is a program done annually in the church by way of bringing safety and health sensitization to the general public. We use this to educate people, give counseling to health related issues, give free medical checkups and free drugs”.
He said safety is not only for drivers alone, “it is for everybody and that is why we try to add value to what we do every year”.
He said the Special Marshals are fully committed to giving alms and that is why they go extra miles in making sure that they provide enough drugs that can serve majority of the people.
The recipients thanked the Federal Road Safety Corps, the Special Marshals and the RCCG Dominion Cathedral Ipaja for the gesture.

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