The Council for Registration of Freight Forwarders in Nigeria has launched its new portal for payment of the Practitioners Operators Fees. It was also revealed that freight forwarders who are not registered with the council are locked out of the portal.
The Federal Government had approved the payment of PoF for cargo clearing at the nation’s seaports.
The fees include N2,000 for any 40-foot container and N1,000 for 20-foot container.
It was gathered that no cargo could be cleared from the port without evidence of the PoF.
While announcing the launch of the new portal in Lagos on Monday, the Registrar/ Chief Executive Officer, CRFFN, Mr Samuel Nwakohu, said the CRFFN portal had been upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0 and freight forwarders would be required to log into the portal with their registration numbers.
He said, “As you try to log in, the first thing the portal would ask you is your registration number. Without the registration number you will not have access into the portal.
“Members who have not fully registered and paid their annual subscriptions cannot access the portal and without accessing the portal, you will not be able to pay your fees or clear your cargo from the port.”
He said while addressing the PoF payment, the council had also addressed the issue of registration of members.
While enumerating the step-by-step process of logging onto the portal for payment, the CRFFN registrar said each account had an e-wallet account where funds could be kept aside and activated within 48 hours.

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