Ford verified it will end creation of its own C-Max minivan at its own manufacturing plant in Saarlouis, Germany, but stated the plant will definitely remain open with more assets in the Concentration car that is also built there.
Development of the C-Max, as well as Grand C-Max, will stop by the end of June, the car manufacturer pointed out on Friday in a press release. Ford will end night-shift production at the manufacturing plant.
The steps will definitely minimize prices as Ford finds to shift its money-losing European functions.
Ford mentioned it will remain to purchase manufacturing of the Focus small car in Saarlouis. There is an actually powerful requirement for higher margin wagon, Active and also ST variations of the Focus, the company said.
Ford said on March 15 that it considers reducing much more than 5,000 tasks in Germany to return its own functions in the region to profit in the near-term. The turnaround strategy will certainly involve project hairstyles, examining plant closures and also stopping money-losing vehicle lines, Ford said.
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The automaker employs regarding 53,000 individuals in Europe, with greater than 24,000 of them in Germany. It possesses 18,000 employees in Cologne, the site of its European company headquarters as well as a manufacturing facility that develops the Fiesta automobile car. Yet another 6,000 are hired in Saarlouis as well as a better 200 team are actually based at an engineering facility in Aachen.
As much as 1,700 jobs are actually anticipated to go at Saarlouis.
Ford is dropping the C-Max as well as Grand C-Max as a result of a sharp reduction in demand as consumers switch to SUVs as well as crossovers.
Sales of the C-Max and Grand C-Max dropped 21 per cent to 53,080 in Europe in 2014, according to JATO Dynamics. Focus purchases went down 8 per cent to 194,097.

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