By Yunusa Ibn Abbas

Infinity Tyres


Wherever you live in Nigeria, there is at least one road construction project either in your region, state or immediate community. The development of such road infrastructure is aimed towards providing more access for people, goods, services, and to enhance general productivity and transportation networks. The more efficient and seamless access these roads can provide, the greater the socio-economic impact and progress that it drives for communities and the country.


As individuals, we all have a role to play in ensuring the timely and quality delivery of road projects across the country. We have highlighted five ways you can support road construction projects as a commuter.


Look out for traffic signs and flaggers:

During road construction, there are usually advanced warning signs set up by construction companies a few miles to the site, necessary to alert approaching vehicles. Whether they come in the form of cones, barrels, barriers, or signs compliance, it is important that road users pay attention to and comply with the signs to maintain safety and ensure that they do not interfere with the construction process.


Avoid use of cell phone and other forms of distracted driving:

Use of cell phones while driving for texting or calling is dangerous, everywhere, and especially along a road undergoing construction. The danger of distracted driving is intensified in construction zones due to smaller lanes, increased traffic, and additional obstacles.


Exercise patience:

Patience is a required element for road users who find themselves driving through a road construction site. There is need for caution and calmness – speeding and trying to overtake vehicles creates hazards and many times greater traffic issues and congestion.


Avoid getting close to heavy equipment:

Pavers, compactors, and dozers are regular machineries on road construction sites and projects. Construction companies would usually put-up necessary signs and barriers, indicating presence of heavy equipment, it is best that commuters adhere to these signs.  Driving too close to them can be dangerous. It is best to keep a reasonable distance from heavy equipment on a construction site.


Do not drive against Traffic:

Do not attempt to go against the tide. Driving against traffic slows down everyone in the end, creating risks for you and other drivers. In consideration of others and for your own safety, its best to stay on the proper designated lane that has been created for use.


When next you encounter a road construction project during your commute, please keep these in mind.