A new brand of electric vehicle has been unveiled into the Nigerian market, branded Saglev. It came with the disclaimer that EVs are highly unaffordable to the motoring public.
Saglev Chairman/CEO, Dr. Sam Faleye, a United States Electric Vehicle Manufacturer assured Nigerians  during the media launch in Lagos that EVs are actually affordable, needs less maintenance and do not require frequent charging.
According to him, some of the major misconceptions about EVs have to do with their affordability and the need for frequent charging are actually unfounded while disclosing that in comparison to Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) EVs are quite affordable, and need less maintenance.
“In the area of affordability, it will shock you to note that one of our brand-new EVs on display goes for around N18-N20m, and if you compare it with a brand-new Toyota Camry that goes for about N40m, you will agree with me that the EV is shockingly cheap” he disclosed.
He disclosed further that with the rising costs of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) popularly known as petrol, it has even become cheaper and more cost-effective to embrace electric vehicles.
Addressing the issues of charging which has been identified as another major source of worry for EV users, Faleye disclosed that an EV does not need frequent charging.
“In the area of charging, a fully charged car can travel for as long as 300 kilometers on a full charge, this is equal to driving from Oshodi to Ajah 10 times. So, you really do not need to charge your car every day, all you require is to charge the car about once or twice per week. It also takes about four hours with a level two charger to fully charge a car and this can be done while you sleep” he added.
On the availability of charging points, he disclosed that plans are underway to roll out charging stations at every Ardova and Enyo Petrol Station across the country where Electric Vehicles can be charged.
“The cost of maintenance of an electric vehicle versus an internal combustion engine vehicle is usually about 50% because the electric vehicle does not have a carburetor, crankshaft, engine oil, all the things that get bought normally in a car, the electric vehicle does not have those things. It is just an electric motor and a battery; the maintenance cost is way less.
“The only things that the electric car does share in common with internal combustion cars include parts such as suspension, tyre, headlights, headlamps, shock absorbers, and brake pads.
“But again, on electric vehicles, the number of times you go to service your car is much less. There is no need to check your oil”, he added.
Faleye appealed to car dealers in the country to partner with SAGLEV towards delivering EVs to Nigerians.
Also speaking at the event, Head Commercial Development, Ardova Plc, Chimaobi Onuigbo, emphasized their support for alternative energy sources and the partnership between their company and SAGLEV to provide charging stations for electric vehicles.
Stressing that having charging stations at their stations across the nation will benefit both their business and the customers, he maintained that their wide network of stations across Nigeria, makes it convenient for electric vehicle users to find a charging station. 
According to him, “because we have the spread, we have over 500 stations cut across Nigeria, so what would you find out, for instance, the question someone asked about if my vehicle ran low along the way, I’m sure that if you drove along the Lagos, you know, around Lagos, you would find an AP station, or an Enyo station, so AP and Enyo are one entity today, so you would find any of the stations at least every two kilometers.”

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