The Directorate of Road Transport Services (DRTS), an agency of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), has embarked on mass of demolition of shops and eateries that were operating illegally in taxi ranks across the nation’s capital.

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The demolition at Area 3 and Banex Junction Taxi Ranks was carried out by DTRS squad with security operatives serving as back up.

Some structures within the Area 3 Taxi Rank, including car wash, mechanic workshop, cinema house and eateries, among others, were demolished.

The Head of Operations DRTS, Mrs Deborah Osho, said that the measure was to give room for more taxis to operate within the ranks.

Talking in relation to Banex Junction Taxi Rank, she said the taxis were not using the ranks because they had been taken over by miscreants to sell hard drugs, adulterated fuel and diesel.

She added that the decision to demolish and clear the taxi ranks of all illegal structures was reached after a meeting with transport stakeholders.

Osho expressed hope the exercise would discourage illegal taxi parks across the city as there were not enough space in the taxi ranks.

She said DTRS handed over a space around Eagle Square for taxi operators as temporary taxi rank, to mitigate the menace of illegal parks around the Federal Secretariat Complex.

“We are prepared to clean all taxi ranks in 2024, to ensure that motorists board taxis inside the taxi ranks and not outside.

“This in the long run, will address the menace of ‘one chance’ in the city,” she said.

Also the Secretary, Command and Control Centre, Department of Security Service, FCTA, Peter Olumuji, noted that criminals behind ‘one chance’ were operating because commuters could not access a secured taxi rank to board vehicles.

He noted that to sustain the clean taxi ranks operations, there was a need for more personnel for DRTS and vehicular assets to move to every nuke and crannies of the city.

He added that the Department of Development Control also requires more wheel loaders and caterpillars for clearance operations.

Commenting on the development, the Deputy Chairman, Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria, FCT Chapter, Mr Richard Siso, described the development as the best for transport operators so far.