Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling 72,761 Fiat 500 vehicles worldwide over degraded shift cable bushings. Some bushings can degrade when subjected to heat and humidity, causing the shift cable to separate from the transmission and stop shifter function, the company said in a statement Wednesday.
The recall affects 2012-13 model-year Fiat 500s: 51,788 vehicles in the U.S.; 10,627 in Canada; 3,520 in Mexico and 6,826 outside of North America.
“FCA is aware of three minor accidents that were potentially related, but the company is unaware of any potentially related injuries,” the statement said.
The transmission may not shift into the selected gear, NHTSA documents said, and in park the vehicle may roll away.
Customers might notice loose shifter movement if the condition occurs, FCA said, but should still use the regular parking brake gear selection.
Shift cable adjusters will be replaced with “a more robust bushing,” recall documents said.

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