The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has denounced what it termed ceaseless attacks on airport officials.
The Regional General Manager, South West Airports, FAAN, Mrs Victoria Shin-Aba, on Tuesday, stated that airport officials had been attacked numerous times over indiscriminate parking of vehicles in different areas at the airport by security personnel.
Shin-Aba, who expressed disapproval over the abuse of power by uniform men and escort vehicles personnel especially those with 12 vehicles in convoy, told journalists that the uncooperative position of the public especially the VIPs remained the greatest challenge that the management of the airport was facing.
According to her, a security panel earlier set up was dispersed because it did not accomplish its purpose as most of those on the committee were not ready to impose discipline on other officials.
“Aviation security personnel are subjected to embarrassment by gun-carrying uniform men at the airport,” she said.
Shin-Aba also said the agency had put in place a task force to patrol the airport on a daily basis to get rid of touts, hawkers and bike operators.
She said some motorcycles had been confiscated by the task force while efforts were being made with the Lagos State Government to move any mentally unstable person apprehended out of the airport for rehabilitation.
“Okada riders have become a menace at the airport and a source of concern to the airport management; so many bikes have been seized,” she said.

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