By Cliffsimeon Akalonu Stakeholders in Apapa, Lagos area have frowned at the federal government for giving licenses to operators to site tank farms in the area, stating that it is abnormal to be sited in living areas and knowing fully well that, when there is casualty lives and property may be affected. Chairman, Seaport Terminal Operators Association of Nigeria (STOAN), Princess Vicky Hastrup, made this known at the recently held Multimodal West Africa recently organised by Clarion Events, in Lagos. Hastrup, who is also the CEO, ENL Consortium, said government should control most of the licenses they give to operators and know where most of these tank farms are sited. She said, “as if that is not enough, they are still issuing more licenses for tank farms to be sited in Apapa and which we are saying no to”. According to her, tank farms should be sited afar from where people live and where the public cannot access because of its dangers. According to her, in developed countries, “these kind of things are off from the living homes, however, in Nigeria, tankers and trucks block everywhere in Apapa; restricting people from easy access to their daily activities”. She said “I am urging the federal government to please put into consideration to this effect, so as life and properties can be saved. Let them do something fast and relocate these tank farms”.]]>

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