The Nigerian automobile market has received a boost with the introduction of Jetour, a new brand from the Chery Holding Group, offering top-class affordable luxury vehicles. The automaker says the brand was introduced in response to the market trend and consumers’ demand. With the slogan ‘Drive Your Future’, Jetour focuses on the travel + market segment, and its products are mainly SUVs to satisfy users for better travel.

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The brand which is now in the Nigerian market was launched globally in 2018 to provide practical travel solutions for more families and individual. Its vehicles are uniquely designed with intelligent driving and energy-saving electric system. Indeed, Jetour says its vehicles are produced from an intelligent factory that incorporates automation, intelligent customization, flexibility, scalability, and environmental conservation. Jetour’s goal is also to provide excellent vehicles that demonstrate individuality for today’s young people.

Brand users
The brand is targeted at uncompromising group of individuals, unwilling to settle for mediocrity and are certain that brilliance is gained through action rather than waiting.

Jetour concept
Jetour is derived from Jet+Tour, which connotes “convenient tour”. This means that customers s that work hard in many industries can finally enjoy the benefits of their wonderful and happy lifestyles.

Technical strength
The brand focuses on core new energy technologies, offering the latest comprehensive energy technology system; Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platform and the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) platform. With technologies such as intelligent driving, intelligent network connection, Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X), its products are sold to many nations globally. The core technologies of new energy electric vehicles such as battery, motor, electronic control, and vehicle controller have been independently applied to the different platform models.

The automaker says its vehicles are powered by one of China’s top ten engines.
Jetour is the first Chinese brand with 1.6TGDI turbo-charged engine. It is also considered the first Chinese brand with direct injection gasoline (petrol) engine that meets China VI emission regulations. The brand comes with the industry’s top power, the strongest Chinese brand. It enjoys the Kunpeng Power 2.0TGD1, Golden Power Portfolio, 7DCT, Strong power 187KW, 390N.m and 100 km/h acceleration < 8 seconds.
Jetour says, “More than 1,000 people worked on the Kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI engine, which is based on Chery’s 23 years of positive engine development skill, a solid product development system, and an advanced verification system that relies on three main Research and Development (R&D) facilities in Europe and China (Wuhu, Shanghai). The team’s five advantages are super energy, ultra-clean, ultra-quiet, ultra-solid, and ultra-light, which took 48 months to develop.
“It has a maximum power output of 187kW and a maximum torque output of 390N m, and the power reserve is comparable to one 3SL V6 engine.

Quality Control
The automaker has four main test locations, and the vehicles undergo 2,000,000km of rigorous verification to ensure industry-leading quality.

Global layout
Jetour has a worldwide development strategy and development vision, and its vehicles are exported to many nations globally. The models available in the Nigerian market are X70 – Liberty; X70 Plus – Elegance; X90 Plus – Cruise and Dashing.