…Christmas is Here! JAC is Here with N1m Discount Promo.

In Lagos, Nigeria, when you start seeing the creatively delightful decorations on Ozumba Mbadiwe, Civic Centre, on Victoria Island, it means that Christmas is around the corner.

There are other signs in other parts of the country to herald another Yuletide/festive season. For instance, schools commence their vacations; the cool breezy weather, aka harmattan, gradually sets in; and tree leaves start getting dried up and fall to the ground. 

Then you will remember all the Detty December concerts and shows. Oh yes, for the Christians, the gospel concert “The Experience” takes place, and then boom, it is Christmas already, at least not without all the innumerous end-of-year parties that happen in December.     
If you are a parent, you will be racking your head over Christmas clothes, shoes and possibly hair for the girls, and God bless your soul if you have seven kids.

At this point, you begin to look for brands that are doing clearance sales or discount sales for the items mentioned above.
It is the bonus month as well. People, especially salary earners, get to access their bonuses, profit sharing, and the 13th Month Salary, whilst others would collect their ‘Ajoo’ (contribution) or break their ‘Kolo’ (a saving box).

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Usually, this money is used to buy assets such as cars and other properties as well as renovate or furnish apartments. Now, if you are planning to buy a brand-new car this season, you shouldn’t stop reading this.

Most of us know what to do with a whopping N1 Million. Now, think of getting that off the price of a car. Elizade JAC Autoland is offering a whooping N1 million discount off all JAC brands of vehicles. Just log into- https://jacnigeria.com/end-of-year-promo/ and your dream car is just a step away.

The price slash is aimed at offering customers a smooth and exquisite ride into the yuletide. The JAC array of vehicles offers the best quality; they are durable, beautifully designed with modern-day aesthetics, optimum performance and highly fuel efficient.

There is a full after-sale value-added service/support, not limited to prepaid service and being added to our priority customer list.

So if you want to begin the Yuletide with a brand new ride and still get N1 million off your car purchase, then JAC Motors is your sure bet.
JAC vehicles are tropicalized, made tough to withstand all the challenging terrains on Nigerian roads.

Elizade Autoland offers JAC passenger cars, commercial vehicles and light duty trucks.
Players in both the public and private sectors are already taking advantage of the promo to acquire quality vehicles this season and enjoy mouth-watering discounts.