Clean energy company, Egoras Technology, has announced plans to launch its highly anticipated electric vehicle (EV) on April 28, 2024, marking a significant step towards sustainable transportation solutions.

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The firm expressed in a statement its commitment to transitioning Africans from fossil fuels to sustainable energy with the APEX 28 EV.

According to the company, the electric vehicle, manufactured at Egoras’ factory in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, represents a significant step forward to revolutionise and promote clean energy within the transport sector.

The chief executive officer of Egoras Technology, Ugoji Harry, stated, “The APEX 28 Electric Vehicle embodies our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

“We believe this homegrown solution will play a crucial role in reshaping the future of transportation in Africa,” he said.

He explained that the APEX 28 has certain features that make it stand out, such as blockchain integration, sensors, and cameras.

According to him, the EV boasts a sophisticated and luxurious design, catering to discerning drivers who value both style and sustainability.

He stated, “Powered by the Ego Chain blockchain, the APEX 28 offers a unique ownership experience. Drivers can potentially earn $EGAX tokens for using their vehicles, creating a novel incentive for eco-conscious consumers.

“Equipped with ultra-wideband sensors and cameras, the APEX 28 prioritizes driver safety. These advanced features monitor traffic conditions and provide real-time assistance, enhancing the driving experience, the CEO noted.

Last year the company launched a gas-powered tricycle known as Egoras Dual-Fuel Tricycle. The tricycle offered a cost-effective solution for both urban and rural areas, while also contributing to a greener environment.”