Dana Motors has disclosed that it participated actively at the recent Abuja auto parade organised by the National Automotive Design and Development Council as it displayed some of its Nigeria-assembled Kia and DFM models.
The event was a prelude to the Argungu motor rally held as part of the Argungu fishing festival in Kebbi State.
Dana said in a statement that the all-new 2020 Kia models, as well as the DFM made-in-Nigeria models displayed at the fair, were “breathtakingly auspicious” as they attracted the vast majority of the people at the event.
According to the auto firm, the event was aimed at showcasing the feats recorded by the nation’s auto policy for the past years.
The outing highlighted the milestones achieved by the auto policy in the production of made-in-Nigeria vehicles to the Federal Government and the general public.
“The made-in-Nigeria vehicles are testaments to the success recorded in the industry over the years to make Nigeria a self-sustaining industrialised nation with locally produced vehicles,” it stated.
It said the Kia and DFM vehicles had over the years remained the preferred options for car owners having been found to be cost-effective and affordable, which were noted as the hallmark of the auto policy.
Dana said, “Keying into the Federal government’s economic diversification, Dana Motors Limited has been at the vanguard of the production of locally produced best-in-class vehicles in Nigeria.
“Having established a multi-billion naira state-of-the-art assembly plant in Lagos, the auto company has produced technologically-advanced vehicles for both the Kia and DFM brands.
“Reinforcing the company’s unwavering commitment to the industrialisation of the Nigerian economy, Dana Motors Limited has invested heavily in the assembly plant. Its state-of-the-art technologies are arguably at par with any renowned and international plant in the world.”
It also stated that its plant was in course with the production of over 13 models and respective trims cutting across its two multinational brands, Kia and DFM, in the country with thousands of units rolled out since its launch in April 2014

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