Nigerian International Air Courier Association and the Association of Nigeria Courier Operators have asked that the passage of the postal reform bill be halted and reconsidered as the implementation of some clauses may run courier operators out of business and lead to massive job loss within the industry.

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In a joint briefing on Monday, NIACA and ANCO said the bill which had reached the second reading at the National Assembly did not address their concerns.

They said the bill did not capture their representation during the public hearings and meetings at different levels of government.

Country Managing Director, DHL International Nigeria, Muyiwa Adeseyoju, said, “While at DHL we might not be able to put a number on job loss but in proper perspective, the implementation of the legislation would cost DHL alone, in addition to what is currently being done, about N2bn annually.

“When you aggregate all the companies, it would explain to you why job loss may be an eventuality. The impact is to shut down everything and let people go home.”

ANCO President, Okey Uba, faulted payment of two per cent of annual turnover to a new regulatory commission, adding that turnover did not translate to profit.