Top players in the Corporate and Multinational levels in Nigeria are currently head hunting for one of the most reliable hands in moving companies forward in Nigeria.

Infinity Tyres

Very reliable sources say the current Group Chief Executive Officer of Choice International Group (CIG), Mr. Manish Rohtagi, is being sought after by some top companies, and may be making a move any soon.

Manish is a well-established automobile professional in Nigeria who has been the power house behind TVS and Bajaj products recent successes and growth.

He has worked with Simba group and Stallion Group before being fetched by Chief Diana Chen, Chairman of CIG Group, to Head her Group-Choice International, in November 2023.

The group markets GAC Motors, GREE Air conditioners and LONTOR products.

He has been a sought-after business professional with well established credentials. Knowing the fact that not many professionals could stay in CIG for long, many big groups in Nigeria in automobiles, FMCG and Telecom are eyeing on Manish to take over the challenges they are currently facing.

Manish has been a multi facet businessman who has established extremely conducive relationship with his Nigerian colleagues and important people in the industry and administration.

It would be recalled that he established a fully functional new company during Covid times just in 15 days employing close to 250 Nigerians.

Though he refused to comment on any move or joining any Group yet, he reiterated that he would always be working for the benefit of Nigerians.

He has been working on the project of CNG and Electric Vehicles on his personal front in the last few years apart from working with few NGOs for poor feeding programmes regularly.

We are expecting his next move soon while CIG would lose another highly placed professional.

This is not the first time CIG will be losing highly placed professionals as others like Parvir Singh, Savros Diamantidis etc also left the company after short stay.