The United States Centers for Disease Control has cancelled all restrictions on two more cruise ships operated by Princess Cruises, giving permission for the vessel to resume sailing.
This is after individuals from the ships were tested for coronavirus and found not to be infected.
The World Maritime News quoted the cruise operator as saying that the COVID-19 test results for one Royal Princess Crew member and two disembarked guests were negative.
Princess Cruises confirmed in a statement on Tuesday that the results for two crew members tested for COVID-19 onboard Caribbean Princess were also negative.
The statement read in part, “Additionally, three guests were medically evacuated from the vessel on March 9 for reasons unrelated to COVID-19.”
As such, restrictions on Caribbean Princess have also been rescinded. The passengers from the Grand Princess Cruise ship continue to disembark in Oakland following 21 confirmed infections on board the ship.
According to the latest update from the cruise operator, a total of 1,406 people have disembarked Grand Princess, so far.
These include the two guests who tested positive for COVID-19 on March 6. They, as well as their travel companions, have been transferred to local hospitals.
“Nineteen crew members who tested positive for COVID-19 have been deemed asymptomatic and were not disembarked from the ship.
“These crew members are currently in isolation in their individual cabins,” Princess Cruises said in an update.

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