On June 14, 2018, the Icon of Nigeria Auto Industry, Chief Michael Ade Ojo will clock 80. In order to give honour to whom it is due, Transport Day newspaper is dedicating every edition from January to June, 2018, to the Auto and board room juggernaut. Notable quotable quotes from the University of Nigeria Nsukka Business Administration graduate would be published. On Corporate Philosophy “I believe I am a capitalist, but I believe in decent profit. I want to satisfy people’s needs, and in doing this, make some decent profit into my pocket. This is my corporate philosophy”. “My primary concern which is the way I was brought up is that I try to do things the way I believe is the best, one thing I have is peace. . I try to obey the law. I try to satisfy my clients in a legitimate way. I try to make peace with my employees and within my family. I am very open and straight forward”. “It need to be noted however that while skills, understanding, knowledge, emotional depth and wisdom must change over time, the principles for which the entrepreneur and the organisation stand must remain unchanged. These involves those principles of  ethics, values and corporate social responsibility”. Excerpts from the book-Michael Ade Ojo-in his Own Words ]]>

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