Chevron and Cummins have announced they will form an alliance to develop commercially viable business opportunities in hydrogen and other alternative energy sources

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The two companies entered into a memorandum of understanding, which provides the framework for Chevron and Cummins to initially collaborate on four main objectives:

  • Advancing public policy that promotes hydrogen as a decarbonizing solution for transportation and industry.
  • Building market demand for commercial vehicles and industrial applications powered by hydrogen.
  • Developing infrastructure to support the use of hydrogen for industry and fuel cell vehicles.
  • Exploring opportunities to leverage Cummins electrolyzer and fuel cell technologies at one or more of Chevron’s domestic refineries.

“Chevron is committed to developing and delivering affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy, and collaborating with Cummins is a positive step toward our goal of building a large-scale business in a lower-carbon area that is complementary to our current offerings,” said Andy Walz, president of Chevron’s fuels and lubricants in the Americas, in a press release. “Hydrogen is just one lower-carbon solution we are investing in that will position our customers to reduce the carbon intensity of their businesses and everyday lives.”