Luxury supercar company, Bugatti, has begun the production of a new Hypercar, an advanced version of a supercar, which it names Divo.

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Only 40 units of the Divo expected to share some features with its iconic model, Chiron will be produced, according to the automaker and hopes to sell them to the super-rich Bugatti fans.

This is coming after more than two years of announcing the development of the concept.

A Hypercar, according to, is the new peak in today’s automotive landscape, transcending the boundaries of the supercar to create a space occupied only by the most outlandish things that can still be called cars.

It explains that while some of the relatively larger luxury and exotic car companies have created their own interpretations of the Hypercar, many of these vehicles have been crafted by speciality automotive boutiques or singular-focused companies looking to showcase new technologies or smash land speed records.

Bugatti Divo
Bugatti Divo

Bugatti says already, all the 40 units of the Divo have been sold even before a single unit is rolled out of its production plant.

A report by an online auto journal, Car and Driver, says, “The Divo is more exclusive than the Chiron: Bugatti plans to produce only 40 units. They’re all already sold to 40 extremely wealthy people who each pledged $5.8m for the privilege of owning one of these extremely special vehicles.”

It hints that the Divo is essentially a lightweight, better-handling Chiron with other exciting and exclusive features.

The report says, “The Divo is based on the Bugatti Chiron and is meant to be lighter and better-handling, with an updated suspension and added aerodynamics.”

The Divo is said to be named after 1920s-era French racing driver Albert Divo, is based on the Bugatti Chiron hypercar.

The ultra-exclusive Divo is equipped with an upgraded suspension, additional weight savings, and all kinds of aerodynamic enhancements including a dorsal fin and a larger rear wing.


The car is reportedly still powered by the monster quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W-16 engine that spins up 1500 horsepower, although the Divo’s top speed is limited to 236 mph, 25 mph slower than the Chiron.


Car and Driver says while plenty of the Divo’s exterior changes serve aerodynamic purposes, other design elements are flights of fancy.

The rear grille is made up of a cluster of 3D-printed fins, 44 of which light up to form the taillights.

The headlights are also said to be entirely different from the Chiron’s, with a tiny horizontal LED strip that serves as the actual headlight and a large daytime running light that wraps around it to give the Divo a distinctive light signature.


The interior is mostly similar to that of the Chiron, although it is said to have its own distinctive elements such as matte carbon-fibre trim, faux suede in a bright Divo Racing Blue hue, specially developed seats with more aggressive bolstering, and larger shift paddles on the steering wheel.

To achieve the weight reduction, the automaker is said to have cut 77 pounds of mass compared with the Chiron.

Bugatti has also incorporated lighter wheels, a carbon-fibre intercooler cover, and a lighter audio system.

It is said to have removed some of the sound-deadening materials and reduced the size of a few stowage compartments in the cabin.

Bugatti says that more than two-thirds of Divo customers have chosen to fully customise their cars to their personal specifications.

According to the report, Bugatti’s customization team is made up of 15 employees, and they help customers select the paint, leather, fabric, and stitching for their multimillion-dollar hypercars.

It quotes the Sales and Operations Manager at Bugatti, Laure Beneteau as saying that it can take months or even up to a year to design new colours and interior materials such as leathers and carbon fibre.

One customer was said to have even worked for more than a year to complete his Divo spec.