The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing, has revealed that arrangements with British Airways have been concluded to run charter flights for the evacuation of British nationals from Nigeria.
The first flight is scheduled to depart Lagos on Saturday by 3:10 pm and Abuja by 3:35 pm.
The High Commission stated that the price for the flights “will be just under £500,” adding that a firm, Central Travel Management, had set up a dedicated webpage for Nigeria and a hotline to reserve and pay for tickets.
Laing, in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday, said, “I’m really pleased to tell you that we have now made arrangements with British Airways to run charter flights for us from Nigeria.
“The first flights will depart this Saturday the 18th of April, and the flight departure times are 15:10 from Lagos and 15:35 from Abuja. Of course, the exact times could be subject to change.
“We’ve made arrangements with a company called Central Travel Management which has set up a dedicated webpage for Nigeria and a 24/7 hotline to reserve and pay for tickets. The price for these flights will be just under £500 (N242,000).”
To be eligible for these flights, the High Commission said interested individuals had to be British citizens resident in the United Kingdom, noting that it would be prioritising vulnerable people.
“When you book, you will be asked for your passport details and a UK address and we will be doing eligibility checks,” it stated.
The High Commissioner added, “I should also say that making a booking does not automatically guarantee you a seat on the first flight, but if you are eligible, you will be transferred to a subsequent flight.”
She advised intending travellers to go to the airport with their ticket and if stopped at checkpoints, “show that to security personnel and make it clear that you are going to the airport to take a repatriation flight to the UK.”
Over 4,000 UK citizens residing in Nigeria have shown interest in being evacuated to their country.

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