The Center for Marine Surveyors, Nigeria (CMSN), has stated that safety and regulatory agencies in the maritime sector should be held responsible for the frequent boat accidents in the country.

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Reacting to the recent boat accident that occurred in Ilorin, Kwara State, President of CMSN, Akin Olaniyan, explained that the recent boat mishaps witnessed in the country over the years has become one accident too many, calling on the Tinubu-led administration to compel the safety agencies and government departments involved in maritime safety to either seat up or be shown the way out.

In his words: “They have become more focused on revenue generation than safety standards. Somebody must be held accountable because the victims of these accidents are the less privileged members of the society does make their lives worth less. If it were an aviation accident, we would have been declaring a national day of mourning.

“The solution to the marine accident had always been at our finger tips, the safety and regulatory agencies have always paid lip service to the issues of safety because we have always had square pegs in round holes.

“And until we change the narrative, we will always live with the same outcome. We have seen our maritime agencies as financial gatekeepers for revenue generation and as such the fundamental reason for their creation which is developing the maritime industry has been lost.

“The safer and cleaner the maritime environment is, the more profitable and investment friendly it will be, as our waterways will not be a national gutter as we have it now to our shame.”