Sunday, June 23, 2024

Azman Air adds Airbus A340 to fleet

Nigeria based domestic airline, Azman Air, has taken delivery of its first Airbus, A340 aircraft. This will increase its aircraft to six as the airline as it currently operates a fleet of five Boeing 737 aircraft to 11 airports around Nigeria.
A report from an aviation journal, Simpe Flying, on Friday, showed that the additional aircraft, an ex-Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340, was delivered to the airline, having been refitted and repainted in Bournemouth, the United Kingdom.
“Azman Air’s first Airbus A340 has a really strange seating arrangement. The majority of passengers will be sat in the aircraft’s economy cabin which seats 411 passengers in a 2-4-2 configuration.” It stated.
Airbus said it had fully supported and would continue to support the A340, allowing operators to benefit from the high level of spares and operational commonality with the best-sell.
The Airbus A340 is a long-range, wide-body commercial passenger jet airliner developed and produced by the European aerospace company Airbus.
In the mid-1970s, Airbus conceived several derivatives of the A300, its first airliner, and developed the A340 quad jet in parallel with the A330 twinjet, it recalled.
According to the aircraft’s manufacturer, the A340 has earned its reputation as a globe-trotter as it is reputed to fly some of the world’s longest and most demanding routes while providing superior operating economics – even in challenging “hot and high” conditions – and excellent passenger comfort.
Airbus said, “The four-engine A340 has a greater range at a lower cost than other long-range wide-body commercial jetliners and the aircraft’s extended reach and spacious interior also tailors it for the VVIP and government use with highly discerning customers.
“There are four variants in the Airbus’ A340 family: the A340-200, A340-300, A340-500 and A340-600. With the jetliners’ different fuselage length, this product line accommodates from around 250 to 475, providing extended operating ranges up to 9,000 nautical miles.”
It is powered by four engines and operates independently of restrictions that apply to twin-jet airliners, allowing direct flights to destinations.
It also enables operations from airports at high altitudes and climatic conditions that would be off-limits to other aircraft.
“The A340 has amassed some impressive numbers: Over 600 million passengers have flown well over 20 million flight hours and 2.5 million flight cycles with airlines flying A340s as long as 16 hours per day. Over 370 A340s have been ordered.
“Being a member of Airbus’ modern aircraft product line, A340s enjoys full advantages from the company’s jetliner family strategy, including its application of digital fly-by-wire controls and a modern cockpit,” the report stated.