By Cliffsimeon Akalonu

Infinity Tyres

The Managing Director, African Business & Engineering Management Limited, and brand owner of AutoQuint Garages, Oluwafemi Esan, has said it is absolutely necessary to view vehicle maintenance as electricity supply at home.

He said “it is even better with electricity, if you don’t have supply, you have an alternative in a generator for your conveniences. But with vehicles, if the vehicle goes through under-maintenance, the cost of recovering the vehicle is between 80% to 130% cost of negligence on maintenance.

Engr. Esan gave an account on his Facebook page of how a friend, who is an accountant, asked him a question that threw him off the balance, as coming from an accountant, was not expected.

According to his post on Facebook, the question was “Why should a vehicle used in the United State perform better than the same corresponding vehicle used in Nigeria that has the same brand, model, environment and date of purchase?

Responding to the question, Expert Oluwafemi Esan, gave an example, using Victoria Island and Lekki Phase 1 as an environment of use in Nigeria compared with roads in the United States. The environment is about the same except for the temperature, even then; it is likely going to be exceptional.

He said, considering the maintenance and maintenance materials, there are large, wide variations that cannot be the same. This is exactly the proof of “Deficit in The Quality Of Maintenance in Nigeria”.

“It was a matter for concern when our research into “Motor Vehicles Maintenance Level” turned out to be at an average risk level of 72%, leaving normalcy at worrisome 28%. Our research led us to critical planning, scheduling, implementation and maintenance parts/material contents”.

The auto expert gave factors that could justify quality vehicle maintenance as follows: Recommended Routine planning and execution; Maintenance Part/s that is recommended and parts that are used; schedule points in the vehicle usage and mileage; the knowledge & understanding of the technician about the vehicle; the available information on the vehicle (referencing data and values), and the material contents of maintenance.

He affirmed that only the fulfilment of the above mentioned can guarantee quality maintenance standards.