The Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), has concluded plans for its Compliance team to work in synergy with the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) 100 percent Compliance team in monitoring activities on the cargo clearing chain.

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This initiative, according to a statement from ANLCA, “becomes imperative for both groups to share intelligence and vital information, in order to check the excesses of  agencies saddled with the statutory duties of cargo clearance at the seaports, Airports and land borders.

The current leadership of ANLCA believes strongly in unity of purpose in moving the Custom Brokerage/freight forwarding sub-sector forward for the greater good of all members. As such, ANLCA is working tirelessly to promote synergy among all Custom Brokers & freight forwarders in the industry.

“For us as Customs Brokers/freight forwarders to achieve tangible growth in the sector we invest so much in, we must speak with one voice.

“This is the time to work as one  big family to achieve our common goal of repositioning the sector in line with easy of doing business formulated by the Federal  Government  of Nigeria.

“ANLCA’s Compliance team will work hand-in-hand with NAGAFF or any other Association’s Compliance committee

to check bottle-necks and accesses of agencies impeding trade in the industry.

“A situation where multiple alerts from various Custom units, even  waylaying of containers  that have been released at  ports by the Customs Federal Operations Unit (FOU), the Strike-Force and even Police officers is totally unacceptable. This is an aspect we have to address together as a matter of urgency.

“So, the two or other Compliance Teams will exchange ideas, monitor activities in the industry, as they work together to achieve the same purpose for  various members of their own Associations .

“Most importantly, sometimes they will join efforts in tackling problems and issues bothering on the welfare of members and associations  from time to time”.