The National President of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Hon. Tony Nwabunike, has reiterated that the 2020 amendment of the constitution of the association followed due process as approved by the group’s NEC and NECOM.

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In a Press Release made available to Transport Day during the week,  he stated that “Like any other association, the constitution of ANLCA is supreme and no President, or NECOM member can elongate their tenure in office, like being amplified by Asu Beks in his message of confusion countdown.

“It is pertinent to note and put the records straight that, I Tony Nwabunike didn’t amend ANLCA’s Constitution. The amendment of ANLCA’s Constitution, which took place in December 2020, followed due process with approval from NEC and NECOM as the highest decision making organs of ANLCA, even as members of the association consented to it. The process of amendment was not hidden, as maritime Journalists observed the entire procedure

“So, the campaign of calumny by Asu Beks on tenure elongation against me is nothing but cheap blackmail and lies that will not see the light of day, because truth shall always prevail against falsehood and mischief”.

The amended constitution provides for a 4/5 year One term  tenure for elected officers, as against the earlier 2 terms tenure of 3/4 years. Implying that the current national officers will do a One term tenure only of 5 years. The former elected national officers did 2 terms of 8 years.

In a related development,  the national President also announced his decision to reject an award given to him by Shipping World award  as “Freight Forwarder of the Decade “. “This decision was taken following advise from professional colleagues, friends and family members”. Beks is the publisher of Shipping World Magazine.

“Whereas I am presently out of the country for a self development exercise, I have directed my aides in Lagos to effect immediate return of the plaque and certificate as I have come to the conclusion that they are not worth more than the wood from which they were made”.

“I can emphatically say that i didn’t solicit for any award from Mr Asu Beks abinitio, even as i expressed skepticism at first when he nominated me”.